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This node allows you to write out data to any data source, it also allows you to set parameters on how to write out the data.

insert into tablename values(123,'Apple',NULL,123.456)

If any DISCRETE data element contains the single quote then the SQL statement will contain double single quotes as shown:

DISCRETE data value: Apple'Banana

insert into tablename values(123,'Apple''Banana',NULL,123.456)

Use this option if the Parameter Insert option fails to work for the selected datasource provider.

insert into tablename values(?,?,?,?)

The ? will be populated with the data values for each row of data been inserted.

NOTE: This option is the fastest method of inserting large amounts of rows into the database.

NOTE: Global Constants can be used within the ConnectionString, UserName, Password and Table Name entries.

OutputANYDB Functionality

NOTE: To create connection strings consult Microsoft documentation on using the ActiveX ADO component from the "Microsoft Data Access Components" software package.

NOTE: To be able to use the OutputANYDB Node you require to install the "Microsoft Data Access Components" (MDAC) libraries. The procedure for installing MDAC is as follows:

Both of these libraries can be downloaded from the Microsoft MDAC web site.