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This node allows you to specify global constants which can be used in various nodes of the current scene. You can also specify a global constant file which can be used to read the constants from a file.

The file must contain the constants strictly as follows:

TEXT1=apple = pear
TEXT2="Hello, I'am Fine."

NOTE: The constants are read in line per line and are split on the first occurance of the '=' symbol, also any spaces will be included within the constant name and the value. (ie: TEXT1 will have a value of "apple = pear")

NOTE: The global constants are searched in the order specified within the list followed by the order specified within the file. If you have the same constant name defined within the list and file then the constant within the list is used first.

Using Global Constants within Other Nodes

To use a constant within another node you will have to specify the variable name surrounded by the '%' symbol, that is:

The string "My name is %JOE%." will be converted into "My name is Joe." if the constant was defined as JOE=Joe.

The string "%NUM1%%NUM2%" will be converted into "5599" if the constants were defined as NUM1=55 and NUM2=99.

Nodes which allow Global Constants