Command Line Options

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> DataManager.exe -d scenfile1 [scenefile2] [scenefile3] [scenefile4] [scenefile5] [scenefile6]

> DataManager.exe -r logfile scenefile [NodeName] [NodeFileName] <[NodeName] [NodeFileName] ...>

NOTE: The log file must be specified first as it will show if any error has occured executing the scenefile. The dms filename must be the second file listed.

NOTE: You can also supply new Node FileNames based on the matching names assigned to the nodes. This allows you to specify different filenames rather than changing this within the GUI when running on the command line. You can place as many matching filenames for the Nodes in the dms file. There is a resource limit on the DOS command line which may only allow a certain amount of characters.

This can be applied to the following Nodes: