Data Manager V2.8.2

is a program which allows you to process and manipulate your data in a easy and logical manner using a graphical interface.

DataManager reads and writes deliminated files such as comma seperated files (CSV) and also can read data from ODBC Data Sources.

It allows you to construct a conceptial design on how you are going to process your data and transform it into another form. You form your design by adding functional nodes and linking them such that the links form the data flow through nodes on a graphical work area.

Each node performs a single function on your data, once it completes it passes your data to the node it is linked to and the process continues until the data encounters a output node. You can form a simple design or a complicated design with hundreds of nodes and multiple input and output nodes.

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To utilise the InputODBC node you also require to install Distributed COM (DCOM 95 for Win95 or DCOM 98 for Win98) and Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC).
To utilise the VBScript node you are required to have Internet Explorer 5.x installed or you can download and install the Windows Scripting 5.1library.

DataManager utilises the following Nodes:

Input Nodes

Work Nodes

Output Nodes